Meditation for Anxiety: Proven Way to Calm Your Mind

Meditation works as well as common Rx drugs for anxiety, even reversing damage and making your brain less anxiety-prone. Learn the best ways to meditate. What you’ll learn about meditation for anxiety […]

Brain Vitamins: Essential for a Healthy Brain

These vitamins are key to brain health & function. They counteract toxins and stress & delay mental decline. It’s easy to be deficient. Learn what to do. What you’ll learn about brain […]

The Brain Benefits of Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3s help mood, memory and many brain health issues, but most of us are deficient. Learn to use foods and supplements for a healthy omega-3 to 6 ratio. What you’ll learn about […]

How to Counter the Effects of Too Much Dopamine

A high dopamine level can lead to more risk taking, addictive behaviors, and mental disorders. Learn about natural remedies and lifestyle changes that help. What you’ll learn about high dopamine levels in […]

How Excessive Dopamine Leads to Compulsive Behavior

A high dopamine level can cause self-destructive behaviors like pathological gambling, shopping, eating and sex. Learn how dopamine affects impulse control. What you’ll learn about dopamine and compulsive behavior in this article:  […]

16 Reputable Online Memory Tests You Can Trust

These legitimate, science-based memory tests give meaningful results. If long or short-term memory is a concern, a quality test for memory loss is a must. What you’ll learn about memory tests in […]

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