Focus@Will: Effective for Improving Focus?

One of the common questions we get from our readers is:
“How can I improve my focus? I have a hard time concentrating.”

Each time you notice something in your environment, you are paying attention to it.

The capacity to focus your attention on something, while ignoring competing stimuli, is called selective attention by psychologists.

We would never get anything done without this ability.

In fact, experts agree that the most valuable work/study/learning skill you can develop is the ability to focus. (1)

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Focus@Will — The Effectiveness of Personalized Music for Improving Focus

Today, you can choose from many music streaming services.

Often, they have “focus” channels — music purported to help you focus.

But Focus@Will is different.

The music provided by Focus@Will is designed exclusively to improve your focus on the work in front of you.

Their proprietary music channels work with your particular brain type to increase your efficacy, your sense of mastery, even your overall happiness.

Whether you’re a programmer, an artist, an office worker, or a student — whatever your work is — Focus@Will’s music will help you do it better.

How Focus@Will Music Works

It’s been recognized for decades that listening to the right kind of background music increases alertness, focus, and attention. (2)

In fact, there is a specific type of “music” that, when engineered just right, puts your brain into a “flow state,” making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive.

Focus@Will’s scientists, musicologists, and producers base each of their focus channels on years of data, research, and study, optimizing those channels to increase the listener’s focus.

Their system tracks your usage and dynamically adapts to fit your individual focus needs.

The system works in tandem with your brainwave patterns and other neuroscientific variables to dramatically improve your concentration, learning, and retention — regardless of your work type.

Focus@Will - Scientifically optimized music to get you in focus faster and longer. Get focused now!

The Details of Personalized Music

Focus@Will uses the brain-altering features of sound to keep your mind from avoiding two undesirable states: distraction and habituation.

Distractions are self-explanatory — anything happening in your environment that takes your attention away from your work.

Habituation is the other extreme — your mind gets bored with your surroundings (environmental habituation) as well as whatever you’re working on (goal habituation).

Because your mind seeks novelty, habituation leads to self-distractions like checking social media, texting a friend, or surfing the net.

Keeping your mind from being distracted away from your work, while simultaneously keeping it from habituating to your work is the key to Focus@Will’s audio technology.

They do this by making sure that each piece of music is related to the previous piece in a way that keeps you from being distracted by the changes, but still making it different enough so that you don’t habituate to the music or to your goal.

In this way, their music balances your mind between the two poles of distraction and habituation, keeping you focused on your work.

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How Long Does It Take to Work?

Listening to Focus@Will’s music is intended to get you into a focused state within 20 minutes and keep you there for up to 200-minute focus sessions.

It helps you focus, reduce distractions, maintain your productivity, and retain information when working, studying, writing, and reading.

Focus@Will has over 1.2 million individual subscribers, including employees at forward-thinking companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and SpaceX.

How Can I Listen to the Music?

You can stream the music to listen on your phone, portable speakers, or music speakers via Apple or Android apps.

Though headphones or earbuds are helpful for blocking out extraneous sound, they’re not necessary.

Can This Help With ADHD?

Focus@Will reports that many members find that their music helps their ADHD.

They even have a music channel dedicated to those with ADHD.

All of their channels vary quite a bit from each other, but all of them are curated and tested to ensure that they help people with a variety of needs attain a higher level of focus.

How Do I Get Started With Focus@Will?

When you go to their website, Focus@Will will ask you a few questions.

This allows them to determine the right music for you and give you the engineered music channel that has been proven to 4x your focus and optimize your productivity.

You’ll still have access to over 50 other channels, but you’ll know exactly which channels create the best focus for your unique personality.

Before you buy, you can listen to previews of some of the various types of music available by sampling a dozen different channels.

When using Focus@Will, a built-in productivity tracker and timer will allow you to track how focused you were during a focus session.

You can receive a full refund of your subscription within 30 days of your purchase (there is a free 7-day trial as well).

And you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Focus@Will Personalized Music … For Better Focus & Productivity

The ability to focus is one of the most valuable learning skills you can develop.

And the capacity of concentrated focus to help you learn (and retain what you learn) is a key to success in school, work, and life.

Focus can also be one of the most elusive abilities to train, but it’s a skill that can be developed.

Listening to the right kind of background music has been proven to increase alertness, focus, and attention.

With Focus@Will, scientifically engineered music works with your brainwave patterns to get you “in the zone” of high productivity … and keep you there.

You can expect to experience:

  • Better focus whenever you want
  • A minimum 4-fold increase in productivity

Focus@Will is simple and affordable, but here’s the best part:

It provides just the right sound environment for you to achieve your best.

For all these reasons, I recommend Focus@Will.

Dr. Pat
Patrick Alban, DC

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