Videos About Brain Health and Fitness

On these pages, you'll learn about a variety of brain health and fitness topics via some excellent videos. A great way to learn.

Memory Enhancing Drugs – Do They Work? Worth the Risk?

memory enhancing pill

Are memory enhancement drugs really smart drugs? Do they really improve memory and focus? Read about the pros and cons of safety and effectiveness … Taking memory enhancing drugs to improve learning capacity and recall has led to an interesting debate. Athletes are considered “cheating” if they use steroids — is using drugs to gain an […] Read more »

Lyme Disease: A Hidden Cause of Mental Decline and Alzheimer’s?

matchstick and tick

Deer ticks. Lyme disease. These words might be enough to keep you indoors this summer. First discovered in Lyme, Connecticut, this disease is now found in all 50 US states and on every continent except Antarctica. Last summer the Center for Disease Control announced that the current rate of Lyme disease was found to be ten times higher […] Read more »

30 Awesome Ways to Attack Aging From the Inside Out

woman creasing forehead

We live in a youth-obsessed society. Billions of dollars are spent to superficially diminish the appearance of aging with lotions and potions, surgical procedures, hair transplants, and Botox. These things may temporarily reduce surface signs of aging but do nothing to reduce your biological age. We believe it makes a lot more sense to focus […] Read more »