Reviews About Brain Health and Fitness Products

On these pages, you'll find in-depth reviews of some of the many brain health and fitness products on the market. The right products are critical to revitalizing your brain.

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Don’t Buy a Memory Supplement Until You Read This

woman choosing vitamins

The first thing many people do when their memory starts letting them down is to try a brain or memory supplement. We understand because we did the same thing! Ads for supplements for memory are everywhere. And some of them can be very convincing. Why the Answer Often Isn’t a Memory Supplement These so-called “memory” supplements have […] Read more »

Brain Training Programs Compared – Which Is Right for You?

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The brain thrives on mental stimulation, which can be accomplished in a number of ways. Online brain training programs have become very popular. In 2013, over $1 billion will be spent on them, making this an exploding industry. If you’re considering starting a brain training program, how do you know which one is right for […] Read more »

How to Choose a Good Supplement


Our 8-Point Evaluation Checklist Unless you have the knowledge of a biologist, chemist, nutritionist, and clinical researcher rolled into one, it’s not so easy to know if a supplement will address deficiencies, improve your health, or even contain what it says on the label. While we can’t claim these credentials, we do have years of […] Read more »

Prograde EFA Icon and Longevity – Top Anti-Aging Supplements

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If you are looking for a top-of-the-line nutritional supplement company you can trust, let me introduce you to Prograde Nutrition. I call it “the best nutrition company you’ve never heard of” … even though they currently have over 100,000 customers and are growing strong!  Prograde’s products aren’t available in stores and they don’t advertise. Instead […] Read more »

Native Remedies Focus Formula Analysis

Focus Formula

Not everyone who wants to improve their mental function has the exact same needs. Some people are looking to only improve their memory, while others also need to increase their ability to concentrate, or are looking to balance their emotions, as well. While some people are looking for the latest nutraceutical or prescription medication, many […] Read more »