We baby boomers CAN stay mentally sharp
and keep our brains healthy as we grow older.

Here's how to do it.

Train Your Brain to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

new year 2013

Most resolutions enhance brain health and improving cognitive fitness actually makes it easier to keep your resolutions. It's positive feedback. Unfortunately, almost all resolutions fail, but your brain is also malleable and is always capable of changing, if you help it along. Here are six powerful ways to retrain your brain to make it more likely you'll stick with your New Year’s resolutions.

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Brain Training or Meditation: Which Will It Be?

man using laptop

If you have only 20 minutes to spare each day to work on your brain, which should you choose - brain training or meditation? It depends. Of course the brain does need continual mental challenge to stay fit, but not everyone needs a brain training program to keep their brain stimulated. If you often feel stressed out or have mentally demanding days, you are a good candidate for meditation instead.

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