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Selected Products for Brain Health & Fitness

The effects of lifestyle habits that lead to memory loss, brain fog, poor focus, short attention span, unstable mood and other cognitive and mental conditions are always at work.

The products in this store will help you counter the impact of the less-than-healthy aspects of your lifestyle.

To improve our brain health and fitness, we all need some kind of help.

Combine these tools with our brain-healthy information and you have taken a big step to a sharper mind. 

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Brain-healthy supplements, foods and eating and cooking plans are critical to give the brain the nutrients it must have to function well. 


Wellness Resources Daily DHA | Support healthy brain function with highly concentrated DHA omega-3 fish oil, but no fishy aftertaste

Native Remedies Essentials Multivitamin for Women and Men | Protect against brain-robbing nutritional deficiencies

Native Remedies Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin | Essential for brain health, methylcobalamin is the best absorbed form of B12

Wellness Resources Super Coenzyme B-Complex | B-complex vitamins work together to support brain health

Wellness Resources Brain Protector | Antioxidant formula helps boost memory and other brain functions

Wellness Resources Daily DHA | Support healthy brain function with highly concentrated DHA omega-3 fish oil, but no fishy aftertaste

Wellness Resources Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin | Protect against brain-robbing nutritional deficiencies

Wellness Resources Vitamin C | C is a potent factor in good brain health

Wellness Resources Vitamin D | D is an essential brain vitamin; most of us are deficient

Wellness Resources Super Dophilus | Probiotic supports intestinal health which can strongly impact brain health


US Wellness Meats | Grass-fed beef and meats rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids

Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics | Wild-caught salmon and seafood for omega-3 fats and other brain-healthy nutrients

Omega Nutrition Coconut Oil | Brain-healthy culinary oil with no coconut taste

Eating & Cooking Plans

Top 101 Foods That Fight Aging | These foods promote health, slow aging, and protect against disease

Guilt-Free Desserts | Features 50 all-natural, fail-proof, gluten-free, low-glycemic recipes from Kelley Herring of Healing Gourmet

Better Breads | Features quick and delicious gluten-free, low-glycemic, low carb recipes without grains from Kelley Herring of Healing Gourmet

The Gabriel Method | Unique weight loss program that uncovers hidden "fat triggers" that prevent weight loss


Mental Activity

Activities that stimulate or challenge the brain and supplements and remedies that support brain health both contribute to brain fitness. 

Supplements & Remedies

Wellness Resources Super Brain Booster | Support better memory, focus and mood with proven nutrients like acetyl-l-tyrosine, alpha GPC, bacopa and vinpocetine

Native Remedies Focus ADDult | Herbal supplement promotes concentration, focus, and attention span in adults & teens

Native Remedies Focus Formula | Herbal supplement aids concentration, attention and mental focus in all ages

Native Remedies BrightSpark | Homeopathic medicine for attention problems in children & adults

Synaptol | Natural hyperactivity and inattention medicine for adults and children 2+

Native Remedies MemoRise | Herbal supplement designed to improve memory and other cognitive functions

Native Remedies Triple Complex Brain Tonic | Homeopathic medicine to relieve mental fatigue

Wellness Resources Acetyl-l-Carnitine | Helps boost mental energy, memory and stress tolerance

Wellness Resources PhosphatidylSerine | Promotes improved memory, focus and mood

Native Remedies PureCalm | Herbal supplement promotes feelings of relaxation and calm

Native Remedies ZenX | Herbal supplement for a naturally calm mood and emotional health

Wellness Resources Stress Helper | Supplement supports stress tolerance, mental clarity and mood

Learning & Training

Zen12 | Get the many health benefits of 1 hour of meditation in just 12 minutes

OmHarmonics | Experience all the benefits of deep meditation in just minutes

Nitrofocus | MP3 program uses brainwave technology to increase focus and productivity quickly

Rocket Memory | Memory improvement program to quickly boost overall mental performance

Anti-Aging Games | Research-based brain training system helps prevent mental aging

Subliminal360 | Uses neural science to harness the power of the subconscious for self-improvement

Hypnosis Live | Self-hypnosis MP3s created by qualified hypnosis professionals help build mental skills, change mindset, resolve fears, and more

Udemy Online Learning | Learn real world skills online and keep your brain healthy and fit

HeartMath emWave2 | Biofeedback device helps improve mental performance and reduce stress

Marbles the Brain Store | Brain fitness products for all ages


Physical Activity

Physical activity of all kinds is good for the brain. Mind-body exercise, conventional fitness, sports or hobbies — it’s your choice. 

Mind-Body Exercise

ShapeShifter Yoga | Get the proven mind-body benefits of yoga with this evidence-based approach

Modern Qi Gong | Activate innate healing abilities through meditative movement

Tai Chi with Ramel Rones | Use gentle movement to improve fitness while reducing stress

Conventional Fitness

Old School New Body | Bodyshaping exercise system for over-35 men and women who want to look, feel, and move years younger

Functional Fitness Solution | At-home fitness program designed for over-50 men and women who want to regain and maintain their health and energy

30x30 Total Transformation | Experience all the benefits of daily exercise and meditation in just a few minutes a day



Quality sleep protects the brain by counteracting the effect of inadequate nutrition and physical and mental activity, stress, health problems, and more. 

Learning & Training

SleepTracks | Sleep optimization program to overcome insomnia and get deep, quality sleep

Sleep Salon | Brainwave sound tracks help you to sleep soundly

Supplements & Remedies

Native Remedies SerenitePlus | Herbal supplement to aid calm and restful sleep

Wellness Resources RelaxaMag | Magnesium supplement to aid sleep, reduce stress

Healthy Choice Naturals SleepWell | Natural sleep aid induces deep relaxation and drowsiness



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