Brainwave Entrainment: Benefits of Meditation on Demand

Brainwave entrainment technology reduces the frustration of practicing meditation. Get the proven brain health benefits of meditation more easily …

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Brainwave entrainment uses sound technology to achieve a desired state of mind. It produces an effect similar to meditation but is different in one significant way. It’s fast.

To improve concentration, reduce stress, and increase creativity, it doesn’t get any easier than using entrainment technology.

While it is high-tech, the science of brainwave entrainment is easy to understand, once you know a few basics.

Understanding Brainwaves

Your brain cells generate electricity to communicate with each other. This electrical activity forms patterns or waves. Scientists have found four main brainwave states:

  • Beta: Occurs when we are alert, afraid, or tense.
  • Alpha: Occurs when we are aware but physically and mentally relaxed.
  • Theta: Occurs in that drowsy state we experience just before falling asleep.
  • Delta: Occurs when we are soundly asleep.

The Phenomenon of Entrainment

The phenomenon of entrainment was discovered by a Dutch scientist over four hundred years ago. He noticed that his room full of pendulum clocks synchronized automatically.

Even when he intentionally disrupted their rhythms, they would always re-synchronize. He called this phenomenon entrainment.

Since then, there has been a lot of research on entrainment and it has been found to commonly exist in nature. Fireflies entrain their flashing and frogs entrain their croaking.

You entrain every time you hear a musical beat that has you bobbing your head or tapping your foot. When you go to a concert, everyone is entraining with the music, and with each other. Pretty amazing!

To see animal entrainment in action, watch this 1-minute video of a white cockatoo named Snowball entraining (i.e., moving to the beat) with the Back Street Boys.

Snowball can also be seen on YouTube dancing to Stevie Nicks and Michael Jackson, and has even been featured in a Taco Bell commercial. You’ll see why — this bird has serious *star quality*!

I’ve seen this many times and it never fails to amuse me. Snowball’s really got the moves down!

Why Use Brainwave Entrainment Software?

When you listen to sounds of a certain frequency, your brainwaves will synchronize with that frequency.

By using brainwave entrainment software or CDs, you can get your brain into a desired brainwave state at will.

The most desirable mental state is the theta state.

This is the same state sought after in meditation. You can also achieve this state under hypnosis.

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But traditional meditation is time-consuming and requires dedication and patience. Not everyone is temperamentally cut out for it, and those people are often the ones who could benefit the most!

Brainwave entrainment is a shortcut to get the desired effects of meditation fast.

The Great State of Theta

Why go through all this trouble — practicing meditation or buying brainwave software — to achieve the theta state? What’s so great about the theta state? (Try repeating that 10 times …)

brainwavesThe theta brain state is associated with:

  • Enhanced ability to learn
  • Deep relaxation
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Boosted immune function
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased insight and intuition
  • Creative inspiration

Anytime you feel like you’re “in the zone,” you’re in a theta state.

Likewise for those times you feel deeply connected to another person, to nature, or have a spiritual experience. Can you see why this brainwave state is worth striving for?

Brainwave Entrainment vs Meditation

The benefits of meditation and brainwave entrainment are very similar.

Terms like mind technology or brain technology are often used to describe the mechanism of brainwave entrainment too. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an entrainment program is meditation or brainwave entrainment.

For example, one of the oldest brain technology programs is Holosync.

While it claims to result in brain synchronization and the benefits of the theta state are discussed on its website, the company never uses the term “brainwave entrainment” to describe its program. It does compare its benefits to the results achieved with meditation. 

A main objective of meditation is to quiet your mind, usually by being mindful of your breath or by repeating a mantra. Training your mind to be quiet might be one of the hardest things you’ll ever try!

Some days you’ll be successful, but some days you will find it very frustrating.

That is why so many people who try meditation give up on it.

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Brainwave entrainment therapy delivers specific sound frequencies to your brain to create the desired brain state.

The only requirement is that you listen with stereo headphones or ear buds. It’s easy and automatic.

It’s been called “push button meditation” or “meditation on demand.”

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Some mind technology programs are designed to take you through other brainwave states in addition to the theta state.

For example, some programs will help you achieve a delta brainwave state so that you can sleep better.

Two Ways to Try for Free

There are many reasons why people don’t meditate:

  • they have tried and it didn’t give them the results they hoped for
  • they don’t have the discipline
  • or they aren’t convinced it’s worth the effort and time involved

But brainwave entrainment programs brush those excuses aside.

Here are my favorite programs that you can try out for free: 

  • Zen12 was created especially for people who don’t have time to meditate. You get free access to 2 12-minute sessions — one is relaxing music and the other is a guided meditation.
  • OmHarmonics has a demo MP3 that is 10 minutes of sound technology overlaid with a lush, vivid, wall of sound that’s a pleasure to listen to. OmHarmonics is part of the Mindvalley family of self-help programs that includes the classic Silva Life System.

Take your mind for a test drive and notice how you feel. I like variety, so I use both programs. I always feel like I’ve taken my brain on a vacation after each session.

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