Sleep and Your Brain

Sleep is one of the most undervalued lifestyle habits. Lack of high quality sleep and sleep deprivation affects the brain particularly negatively.

In these articles, you'll learn how sleep impacts your brain health and fitness and what you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. You'll discover how sleep is related to health risk factors like stress and how to use this knowledge to keep your mind sharp.

7 Cool Sleep Tips for Hot Summer Nights

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Getting enough sleep is always hard for the nearly 41 million US adults that struggle with chronic sleep loss. But sleeping well during the hottest months provides many additional challenges.  If you sleep six hours or less each night, you may find yourself cranky, irritable, and accident prone. Insufficient sleep can seriously impair your ability […] Read more »

10 Food Tips To Get Off the Poor Sleep Treadmill

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If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are setting yourself up for memory and concentration problems, inability to handle stress, and depression. When you are sleep deprived, it’s natural to try to make up for your lack of energy by eating more and drinking caffeine to get through the next day. This sets you up […] Read more »

4 Reasons Not to Take Daylight Saving Time ‘Lightly’

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Did you remember to ‘spring ahead’ this weekend? Until we moved to Arizona from the US east coast, I assumed that everyone followed Daylight Saving Time (DST) and set their clocks ahead in the spring. But that isn’t so! Daylight Saving Time is referred to as “summer time” in some countries. Only the countries in […] Read more »

Famous and Dangerous Sleep Myths Busted

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Thomas Edison said that sleep is a waste of time. Margaret Thatcher said it is for wimps. But they were both wrong about sleep. Sleep is no indulgence, it’s critical for health and mental well-being. Lack of quality sleep will impair your memory, creativity, judgment, and attention. It can make you fat and steal your cheery outlook […] Read more »

Avoiding Chronodisruption: A Dangerous Modern Malady

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Our culture doesn’t place much value on sleep. How often have you thought that sleeping is a waste of time or heard someone utter “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” If you don’t sleep well, you could be dead a lot sooner than you might like. Not getting enough sleep has been found to increase rates […] Read more »

18 Choices You Make Every Day That Keep You Up at Night

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Are you one of the millions of people who has insomnia? If so, you aren’t alone. 60 million Americans report regularly having trouble sleeping. (1) Sleep is essential to the health and function of your brain. Even one bad night can leave you feeling irritable and in a mental fog the next day. You consolidate […] Read more »

8 Ways Napping Recharges Your Batteries

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Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, John D. Rockefeller, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo DaVinci are all said to have taken naps. John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Lyndon B. Johnson took naps while in office, as did first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. So if you like to take naps, you’re in good company! While there’s no […] Read more »

Personalize Your Sound Environment for Better Sleep

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The sounds you hear at night can make or break how well you sleep. There are plenty of sounds that will keep you awake, like your spouse snoring, a barking dog, or your next door neighbor’s party. But not all sounds are bad! Listening to the right sounds in the right way can help you […] Read more »