How Bodybuilding Can Save Your Brain and Save the World

charles eugsterGet ready to be amazed, inspired, and simultaneously chagrined watching Charles Eugster’s TED Talk Why Bodybuilding at 93 Is a Great Idea.

He thinks bodybuilding can save the world. This idea is not as farfetched as it sounds.

Eugster practices what he preaches. At 93, he works out with a coach and likes to look good so he can pick up 70-year-old hotties at the beach.

He proudly shows off his physique and looks pretty darned good!

Then he gets serious and cites some staggering statistics:

  • 12% of the world is obese.
  • 26% of Americans are obese.
  • By 2030, 50% of Americans will be obese.
  • 92% of those over 65 in the US have one or more chronic diseases.
  • 40% take 5 or more medications.
  • 45% of people over 85 have Alzheimer’s.

He finds that natural, healthy aging is rarely seen, but he is living proof that it’s entirely possible.

He makes a fascinating connection between obesity and instincts. Our ancestors were hunter-gathers. They faced constant starvation, so their bodies were adapted to store fat as readily as possible.

Like all animals, they avoided unnecessary activity which burned up precious life-sustaining energy.

Our bodies are the same as those of our hunter-gather ancestors. So it is instinctive for us to want to eat more and move less.

He believes that the “secret” to aging well is simply work, diet and exercise.

The retirement age of 65 used to be the same as the average life expectancy. People are living many years after they’ve retired.

Their level of mental and physical activity goes down as their weight and the number of health issues rises. Eventually the growing unproductive and unhealthy senior population will lead to a world-wide economic crisis.

By staying active, productive, and healthy, and doing a little strength training, you can save yourself and help save the world. Well done, Charles!

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Alright everyone, let’s say it: Be a Eugster! BE A EUGSTER! BE A EUGSTER!

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