Physical Exercise and Your Brain

Physical exercise is one of the best, and most overlooked, ways to improve your cognitive fitness.

This can be structured exercise that's done primarily for fitness (like working out at the gym or jogging) or functional activities done mainly for fun, such as gardening or sports. Both are good.

In these articles, you'll learn how physical exercise keeps your brain young. You'll get practical ideas on ways to mix and match all kinds of physical exercise to fit your lifestyle.

Turn Back Your Brain’s Clock with Exercise

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We’re living longer than ever, but not necessarily living that well into old age. The statistics on people over age 65 aren’t pretty. The average 65-year-old will be overweight, be on five prescription medications, and have three chronic health conditions. (1) But you don’t have to fall apart as you age. And mental decline is […] Read more »

The 3 Kinds of Exercise for Maximum Brain Fitness

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Just as your body benefits from a physical fitness program, your brain will benefit from a fitness program too. A well-rounded physical fitness program includes some stretching, strength training, and aerobic exercise. A well-rounded brain fitness program also includes three essential components. Here are the three best types of brain exercises to maximize your brain […] Read more »