Mostly for Fun: Brain Health and Memory Quizzes

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Here’s a collection of self-help tests and quizzes you can take for fun to test your memory, see how brain-healthy your lifestyle is, how stressed out you are, or determine your “real” biological age. There is also a quiz to help you determine if an elderly person should still be driving.

NOTE! These quizzes are designed for recreational purposes only and not to be used for diagnosing memory problems. At the end of this post there will be information on self-administered tests that can be used if you suspect your memory problem is serious.

Brain Health Quizzes for Fun has a quiz we all hope our kids never take with us in mind – Do You Know the Signs of an Unsafe Older Driver? This helps determine if an elderly driver is still fit to drive. There are nine questions and you get instant results. has a memory quiz based on one used as an assessment tool by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Of all the quizzes I tried, this is the most thorough test of your overall cognitive skills. I recommend it! has an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Quiz. The purpose is to test your knowledge on these topics, not to test your memory.  has a simple test to determine how brain-healthy your lifestyle is.The site is associated with a book by the same name., a companion site to Lumosity Brain Training,  has a quiz How Do Your Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Brain’s Health? This has quiz has five parts asking you about your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. You have to give your name and email to get your results. is the mother lode of health quiz sites! They have quizzes for how biologically old you are, sleep disorders, anxiety, diabetes, and more. Surprisingly, out of their 60+ health-related quizzes, there isn’t one specifically for brain health or memory loss.  :-? But I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.  My favorite is their Real Age Quiz which lets you know how biologically old (or young) you are. 

Self-Diagnosis Checks – When It Might Be Serious

female doctor talking to patientThe previous tests were not designed to diagnose serious memory problems. If you are interested in that, I recommend you visit, where you can learn three easily administered self-tests that are used by health care professionals.

Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation has two quizzes on its website. First is a 15 question Memory Quiz to help you determine if your memory loss is serious. They also have a Stress Assessment Quiz based on the Holmes-Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale. You’ll get instant results on each.

Dr. Ezriel Kornel, who has been named one of the top doctors by U.S. News & World Report, developed a simple brain test he calls the Brain Bootcamp Test to check how fit and sharp your mind is.  There are 5 quick exercises involved – you can take that test here.

Lastly, Food for the Brain Foundation a non-profit educational charity based in the UK, offers a proprietary Cognitive Function Test as a self-assessment tool to determine your level of cognitive impairment and potential risk of AD. It was developed by a group of nutritional therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, and scientists. 

This is a free test. It’s performed online and takes about 15 minutes. Your results will give you a baseline of whether your cognitive skills are within the normal range. You are encouraged to retake it every year to see if you are experiencing any noticeable change. You can learn more about this test here.

If you know of any other quizzes that would make a good addition to this list, please add them in the comments below.

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