Brain Drains and Your Brain

"Brain drains" are the most important risk factors and health conditions that make it difficult for your brain to be healthy and fit. These include issues like weight management, chronic health conditions, unhealthy behaviors, and environmental toxins.

In these articles, you'll learn how these issues affect brain function, and the steps you can take to manage them better or even eliminate them from your life.

Why Human Brains Have Gotten Ever Smaller


It’s widely believed that the human brain continues evolving to get bigger and smarter, but this is a myth. The average human brain (relative to body size) has been getting smaller, not larger! In the last 10,000 – 20,000 years, the average brain has shrunk the size of a tennis ball. Domestication Leads to Smaller Brains About the same time […] Read more »

Robin Williams and the Growing Epidemic of Depression

robin williams

Robin Williams’ suicide shocked the world. It seems unfathomable that someone so manically funny, who brought so much laughter into our lives, could be plagued with depression. As his beloved alien character Mork might have said … “Does. Not. Compute.” Outwardly, it appeared that he had everything to live for — loving family, adoration from fans, respect of […] Read more »

20 Medications That Cause Memory Loss


Prescription drugs cause over 100,000 deaths per year and cause another 1.5 million people to experience side effects so severe they must be hospitalized. Adverse drug reactions are now the fourth leading cause of death in the US. (1)  Every medication carries some risks and memory loss is a very common side effect. The Top 3 Types […] Read more »

Lyme Disease: A Hidden Cause of Mental Decline and Alzheimer’s?

matchstick and tick

Deer ticks. Lyme disease. These words might be enough to keep you indoors this summer. First discovered in Lyme, Connecticut, this disease is now found in all 50 US states and on every continent except Antarctica. Last summer the Center for Disease Control announced that the current rate of Lyme disease was found to be ten times higher […] Read more »

Stop Brain Fog: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

confused woman

What is brain fog?  It’s not a medically recognized term. It’s a commonly used phrase that sums up feelings of confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of focus and mental clarity. Basically you feel like you just can’t think, which can be very frustrating and even downright frightening. Everyone feels a little fuzzy-headed once in a while, but […] Read more »