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The way you live your life -- the sum total of all your lifestyle habits -- is the main determinant of your brain health and fitness. So you have control over your mental sharpness.

These lifestyle habits fall into 6 main categories:

1.  Nutritional Support

2.  Risk Factors

3.  Mental Performance

4.  Stress, Mood, Balance

5.  Sleep

6.  Physical Activity

How brain-friendly your lifestyle is in these areas goes a long way in determining how well your brain will work, and for how long.

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Each article will educate you about brain health and fitness and, altogether, they'll tell you how to rejuvenate your brain -- starting right now.

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The Connection Between Statins and Memory Loss

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Memory loss and dementia are some of many side effects of statins. Are statins even effective against heart disease? Learn doctor-recommended alternatives … If you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, it’s very likely your doctor prescribed a type of cholesterol-lowering drug called statins. Statin drugs are the most […] Read more »

Understanding Adult ADHD: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

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