9 Surprising Facts About Junk Food

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9 Surprising Facts About Junk Food
New York Times investigative reporter Michael Moss has just published a new book, Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us. 

OUR THOUGHTS: This appears to be a damning expose of the corporate food industry. Judging just from this article, you can see direct analogies to the tobacco industry’s handling of the health issues connected with their products. In short, they don’t care. Their job is to create profit. 

Problem is, unlike with Big Tobacco, Big Food’s products are consumed by nearly everyone. And, in the end, just as with tobacco, consumers pay to become ill, and then pay again to try to get better.

Native American Farmers Trying to Grow Change
Native Americans’ dependency on processed, industrialized food has resulted in distressing health statistics — twice the epidemic levels of obesity and diabetes of white Americans.

MORAL: If you need more evidence of the implications of the modern diet, here it is. The case of Native Americans is like that of the canary in a coal mine.

The Graying Population: One Gigantic Worry
In the next few decades, the average age of the human population will be higher than ever.

LESSON: This is a pessimistic article if you take it as a given that we will continue to live our lives like we have been. All the more reason to change our lifestyles so that older adults can remain productive as they get older. 

Alzheimer’s Population to Triple: More Needs to Be Done
There is an urgent need for more enlight­ened pub­lic health ini­tia­tives and indi­vid­ual lifestyles designed to decrease demen­tia risks and delay onset of symptoms. Most of all, we need to exer­cise more, both our body and brain.

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