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If you stopped by our site this week, you noticed a big change! We’ve got an exciting new way for you to learn how to keep your brain fit for life — our new podcast, The Be Brain Fit Show. Brain disorders and diseases have skyrocketed. Avoiding mental decline is a pressing health issue. Whether you’re […] Read more »

How Multitasking Makes You Dumb and Mean

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Do you multitask? According to Clifford Nass, a communication professor at Stanford and the author of The Man Who Lied to His Laptop, the more you multitask, the less you are able to learn, concentrate, or be nice to people.   Nass also believes multitasking stunts emotional intelligence and makes us less creative. Yup, multitasking makes you less smart, […] Read more »

Google Searches for the Fountain of Youth

fountain of youth

If you were young, brilliant, and had more money than you could ever possibly spend, what would you do with it? You might use some of it to find the elusive “fountain of youth.” And that’s what Google CEO Larry Page is doing. This week he announced the start of Calico (California Life Company), a […] Read more »