The Essential Brain Nutrition System

Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle to Brain Health and Fitness

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Brain fitness is the capacity of your brain to perform what’s required — to concentrate, remember, focus, make decisions, solve problems — in short, to think clearly and quickly. But brain fitness is impossible without brain health. An unhealthy brain can simply not do what you expect of it.

That’s why supplying your brain with essential nutrition is the top requirement for its health. Poor brain nutrition is the biggest obstacle to your brain’s health and fitness, but it can be easily overcome.

Your brain requires basic building blocks — essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more — to repair and protect existing brain cells, create new brain cells, and form essential brain chemicals. If these fundamental pieces are missing, nothing else you do can overcome these deficiencies. 

Without adequate nutrition, your brain health will suffer and your mental abilities will too … whether you’re young, old or in between.

Our modern lifestyle is full of “brain drains” — stress, air pollution, over-the-counter remedies, prescription drugs, chemicals in our food and water, exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, and more — all which increase our nutritional needs. 

While our nutritional needs have increased, our diets have become less nutritious. Even if you conscientiously eat a very healthy diet and avoid processed foods, the fruits and vegetables available to us have been bred to taste better, be easier store and ship, and be more productive, with no concern for their nutritional content

For  your brain to function as it should, its fundamental nutritional requirements must be met. Period. 

What your brain really needs isn’t found in so-called “brain” supplements. The latest research shows overwhelming evidence that there are three kinds of supplements required for optimal brain health:

1) Enhanced omega-3 essential fatty acids formula
2) Powerful antioxidants complex
3) Whole foods-based multivitamin 

Moreover, the quality of these supplements (just like the quality of food in your diet) is crucial. Supplements are not created equal. Far from it. The quality of a supplement translates directly into its effectiveness for your brain.

Let’s look at the reasons our brains are universally short on essential nutrients.

Problem #1: Widespread EFA Deficiency

(99% of us are critically low in this essential brain component)

You would think that widespread nutritional deficiencies are a thing of the past, but that isn’t so! Harvard School of Public Health states that omega-3 essential fatty acid deficiencies cause up to 96,000 preventable deaths per year and that 99% of us are deficient. (1)looking at the workings of the brain

It’s widely agreed that taking an omega-3 supplement is one of the best things you can do for your brain. Your brain is 70% fat and omega-3s comprise a major structural component of the brain. It’s been found that people with lower amounts of this nutrient actually have smaller brains!

The discovery of omega-3s has been hailed as one of the most important health breakthroughs in modern nutrition. If you take only one nutritional supplement, it should be a top-quality omega-3 supplement. (2)

Omega-3s used to be found in the food we hunted, fished, and foraged … but this essential nutrient is largely missing from our modern food supply. Wild salmon (most salmon labeled “wild” isn’t), grass-fed meat (not grain-fed), and a few other miscellaneous foods are now the only reliable sources. 

Chronic inflammation contributes to brain fog, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and even Alzheimer’s. (3) Omega-3s are an anti-inflammatory powerhouse — there are few health conditions this one nutrient doesn’t help. (4)

Solution: Overcome this widespread deficiency by taking the highest-quality, most bioavailable omega-3 supplement you can find. 

Problem #2: Free Radical Damage

(constant cell oxidation is a prime source of brain aging)

There is a force at work continually damaging your brain cells — free radicals. Free radicals are unattached oxygen molecules that attack cells much in the same way that oxygen attacks metal, causing it to rust. 

Free radicals are caused by exposure to everyday occurrences such as stress, lack of sleep, grilled meat, fried or processed foods, air pollution, and radiation from your electronics. They are even caused by breathing and exercise! Your brain is a high oxygen user which leaves it very susceptible to free radical damage. 

brown appleFree radicals even attack the DNA inside your cells. This damage causes your brain to age, one cell at a time.

Antioxidants slow down the cellular aging process by binding to free radicals, rendering them harmless. 

You’ve witnessed free radical damage when an apple turns brown shortly after being cut open. You’ve also seen the power of antioxidants if you’ve ever applied lemon juice to keep the apple fresh. The antioxidants in the lemon juice attack the free radicals, preventing damage.

If you have wrinkles, age spots, or sun damage on your skin, you have visible free radical damage. The same process is going on inside your brain.

Antioxidants are found in a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Research tells us that we need 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Few of us eat this well day in, day out, so supplementation is a must.

There are two other benefits a good antioxidant supplement will provide that your diet will not:

  • It will contain antioxidants from the best sources, most of which are foods you don’t normally eat.
  • It will contain highly concentrated extracts to give you more antioxidant power than you could possibly get from your diet.

Solution: Neutralize free radical damage and stop brain aging with a potent antioxidant supplement.  

Problem #3: Depleted Nutrient Levels

(the brain is being drained of valuable resources to repair itself)

Modern life is designed to rob your brain of the nutrients it needs.

Here are just a few examples. Stress depletes you of brain-essential B vitamins. Fluoride and chlorine in our water destroy vitamin E. Medications can affect vitamins — even something as innocuous as aspirin interferes with vitamins A, B complex, and C.

Breathing polluted air increases your need for vitamins C and E which work synergistically to protect the brain. Sugar depletes the body of vitamins C and E and is particularly draining to the B vitamin complex. And on it goes.

nutrition loopConversely, while we need more nutrients than ever to offset the stresses of modern life, our foods contains fewer nutrients than ever. Foods are grown in depleted soil and have been bred to be more profitable, almost always at the expense of nutritional content.

Even if you eat a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables, you will still come up nutritionally short. Unfortunately, by the time you get produce home, it’s lost much of its nutritional value. Broccoli loses 80% of its nutrition within the first 24 hours of harvest, and by the time you get it on your dinner plate it will be, on average, 7 weeks old!

Unless you live a stress-free life in a pristine environment and eat a perfect diet of locally grown food, you need a good multivitamin. 

Exciting new research shows that taking a multivitamin can improve brain function and keep you younger longer. 

Telomeres are protective caps on the ends of chromosomes similar to the plastic tips on shoelaces. Telomere length is believed to be the most important indicator of biological age and disease risk. And the simple act of taking a high-quality multivitamin has been shown to increase telomere length. (5)

But most of the brands found in supermarkets, drugstores and vitamin stores will not do. You need to take a top-quality multivitamin. After all, your brain is at stake.

Solution: Fill the nutritional gaps by taking a high-quality, whole foods-based multivitamin supplement.

Our Choice: Prograde Nutrition

Enhanced omega-3 essential fatty acids formula

EFA Icon: Superior omega-3-rich krill oil with astaxanthin

Prograde EFA Icon omega-3 supplement

Fish oil has been the usual form of omega-3 supplementation, but research now shows krill oil to be superior in many ways. According to the US National Institutes of Health, krill oil is much better absorbed than fish oil. (6) The DHA molecules in krill oil are attached to phospholipids, making them more bio-available.

Krill are small shrimp found in the cold, unpolluted waters of the Antarctic. Krill contain 48x more antioxidants than fish oil and over 300x more of the antioxidant power of vitamins A and E. (7

Krill oil is specifically more helpful for the brain because it readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, a filter your brain uses to keep most substances out.

The krill oil in EFA Icon is an excellent natural source of astaxanthin. This phytonutrient is one of the most potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrients known.

Astaxanthin also readily crosses the blood-brain barrier to easily neutralize free radical damage to your brain cells. Astaxanthin’s anti-aging properties can also give you healthier, younger-looking while preventing future UV light damage to your skin and your eyes. (8)

Powerful antioxidants complex

Longevity: Anti-aging antioxidant formula

Prograde Longevity antioxidant supplementFree radicals are unavoidable, but their damage can be minimized by antioxidants which bind to them, rendering them harmless. 

Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, but do you eat enough of them to stop the damage? Do you eat even the 9 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables a day? If not, free radicals are winning and your brain is aging faster than it should.

Longevity is Prograde’s anti-aging, antioxidant formula. It contains a proprietary blend of powerful antioxidants proven to help slow down aging in both the body and brain. (9) It contains a mix of the most powerful antioxidants in high concentrations.

The most potent antioxidants are not things you normally pick up at the grocery store. They are foods such as acai berries, wolfberries, or coffeeberries (the fruit of the coffee plant).

A one-ounce serving of coffeeberries provides as many antioxidants as eating 28,000 grapes. One capsule of Longevity contains 40x more antioxidant power than a cup of blueberries!

Besides fighting free radical damage, the ingredients in Longevity can help your brain by improving the flexibility of blood vessels, allowing more blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to reach your brain. They also help prevent protein plaque buildup in the brain, a condition associated with Alzheimer’s.

Whole foods-based multivitamin

VGF 25+: Complete, whole foods-based vitamin and mineral complex

Everyone concerned about their brain health needs a good multivitamin. Prograde VGF 25+ multivitamin supplement for women and Prograde VGF 25+ for menStudies have shown that taking a multivitamin alone can improve brain function. (10) Even the Harvard School of Public Health advises all adults to take a multivitamin supplement as insurance to avoid many chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s. (11)

Prograde VGF 25+ is unusual in that it is sourced from whole foods, not synthetic substances. The name of this multivitamin refers to the 25 whole vegetables, greens, and fruits from which it is made. It provides your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes, and more.

Much research has demonstrated the nutritional superiority of whole-foods based multivitamins over the much more common synthetic variety. Many people also find that they do not experience the stomach upset that plagues them with most other brands.

The Essential Brain Nutrition System

Prograde Total Wellness Package: All three essential supplements in one convenient and economical package

Prograde’s Total Wellness Package includes the three core supplements that provide the essential nutrition needed to overcome the biggest obstacle to brain health and fitness: 

1) Enhanced omega-3 essential fatty acids formula
2) Powerful antioxidants complex
3) Whole foods-based multivitamin 

The ingredients used in these supplements are not only high-quality, but also advanced. EFA Icon uses krill oil, with 48x more antioxidant power than fish oil and a superior ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, to give your brain much more of the nutrients it needs from an omega-3 EFA formula. 

Prograde Total Wellness Package - Essential brain nutrition systemVery powerful natural food sources of antioxidants are used in the Longevity antioxidant complex and the VGF 25+ multivitamin is sourced from whole foods. 

This is the kind of nutrition your brain needs to counteract the forces of aging that are constantly working to damage and destroy brain cells and prevent new cell creation. The accumulated weight of research in both the neuroscience and health sciences fields makes this very clear.

Prograde has responded to this research and formulated products that actually improve total body health. They call these three supplements the Total Wellness Package, but for your brain it’s the Essential Brain Nutrition System. These supplements will make a real difference in your brain health.

Beyond the products

Trustworthy support and a commitment to savings and convenience

There are many things that can make working with an online vendor either a pleasure or a pain. In our judgment, Prograde simply delivers on their promises.

They promise excellent products and service and that’s what you get. For instance:

Products that are unconditionally guaranteed for 60 days

No “weasel” clauses to watch out for. Even opened products are refunded. This is very unusual in the supplement industry. 

Regular special offers and a “no commitment” autoship program

Autoshipping is a good way to lock in the brain nutrition habit. But if you ever want to cancel, most companies make it hard. Not Prograde.

Customer service that’s actually helpful

Prograde’s customer service is always excellent. There are several ways to communicate. If you call, you’ll reach someone in their office in Florida. 

International customers are well served

Prograde ships to Canada, Europe, Australia, and most countries around the world. 

There’s more …

Such as an email list that delivers information you’d actually like to know and more ways to save through “combo” and 6-pack product packages and a VIP membership program.

A final word

Patrick Alban and Deane AlbanWe’ve researched dozens of supplement companies looking for ones that make products that make a real difference in brain health. Prograde meets our stringent requirements.

Not only do they follow best practices for manufacturing and put their money on the line with research and development, they also create products that embody the research principles for effective nutrition.

With over 40 years of experience in health and wellness and a special emphasis on nutrition, we’ve learned how to discriminate between nutritional supplements that are made well and those that are only marketed well. We’re confident that Prograde products will make a difference in your brain health and fitness. 

Prograde Total Wellness Package - Essential brain nutrition system

Total Wellness Package (Essential Brain Nutrition System)

EFA Icon, Longevity, and VGF 25+

The Total Wellness Package includes the three core supplements that provide the essential nutrition needed to overcome the biggest obstacle to brain health and fitness:

1) Enhanced omega-3 essential fatty acids formula
2) Powerful antioxidants complex
3) Whole foods-based multivitamin

This is the Essential Brain Nutrition System. Buying the package is not only the healthiest option, but it’s smart too.

You get a 1-month supply of each supplement, save over 30% (it’s like a “buy 2, get 1 free” sale), and you always get free shipping.

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Prograde EFA Icon omega-3 supplement

EFA Icon

Superior omega-3-rich krill oil with astaxanthin

Don’t be part of the 99% who are deficient in brain-essential omega-3 EFA. Upgrade from fish oil to krill oil to keep existing brain cells healthy and create healthy new brain cells.

EFA Icon is a highly bio-available lipid-bound form of krill oil that’s also an excellent source of astaxanthin — one of the most potent antioxidants known. 

These tiny, highly digestible capsules are easy to swallow and do not have an unpleasant fishy aftertaste.

If the Total Wellness Package is not for you, this is the one supplement you must take for your brain.

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Prograde Longevity antioxidant supplement


Anti-aging antioxidant formula

Damaging free radicals are a main cause of brain aging. They are unavoidable … but the damage they cause is not.

This potent antioxidant formula neutralizes free radical damage and helps to stop brain aging. One capsule of Longevity contains 40x more antioxidant power than a full cup of blueberries, one of the best antioxidant-rich foods.

Longevity is a powerful part of the nutrition necessary for the kind of brain health and fitness you want. 

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Prograde VGF 25+ multivitamin supplement for women and Prograde VGF 25+ for men

VGF 25+

Complete, whole foods-based vitamin and mineral complex

VGF 25+ is made from 25 whole vegetables, greens, and fruits to give your brain the benefits of all the co-factors present in real food. Common synthetic multivitamins can’t do this.

The vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes, and more in this multivitamin are critical to the nourishment, protection and renewal of brain cells.

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For women
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For men

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