Physical Exercise Might Be the Best Brain Exercise

woman exercising with earbuds

Brain exercises boost intelligence, memory, concentration and overall brain fitness. Learn how to use physical exercise to get these benefits for your brain. Mental activities like online brain training, playing chess, or learning a second language are considered good brain exercises. They get a lot of press for their ability to increase intelligence, memory, and concentration, […]

Yoga for Brain Benefits at Any Age

woman doing yoga

Yoga and tai chi use impact-free exercises to reduce stress, improve concentration, mood and sleep while increasing strength, flexibility, and balance. Getting physical exercise is essential for keeping both your brain and your body in good shape. It’s one of the best things you can do as an antidote to the stress of modern life. […]

Easy Ways to Counteract Too Much Sitting

boy on exercise ball

Too much sitting is a killer. Here are three surprisingly easy ways to get off your butt to save your brain and possibly your life … Before the advent of agriculture 12,000 years ago, all humans were what archaeologists call hunter-gatherers, people who spent most of their time in search of food. If future archaeologists […]

3 Kinds of Exercise for Maximum Brain Fitness

brain in lightbulb

Just as your body benefits from a physical fitness program, your brain will benefit from a fitness program too. A well-rounded physical fitness program includes some stretching, strength training, and aerobic exercise. A well-rounded brain fitness program also includes three essential components. Here are the three best types of brain exercises to maximize your brain […]