What We’re About

“Keep your mind sharp for life.”

That’s our slogan, and for good reason.

Because, while you cannot stop brain aging (though you can certainly slow it down — or speed it up), you can stop mental aging.

Brain aging has to do with the actual physical state of the brain. That will change over the course of your life.

But mental aging has to do with the function, the capacity of the mind to do the kind of work we expect of it. And you should expect your mind to serve you well for a lifetime.

How do you know when your brain needs attention?

There are many ways to define and measure the capabilities of the brain/mind. They include memory, processing speed, concentration, focus, decision making, problem solving, creativity, and more.

When there are problems in these areas, we call them memory lapses or senior moments, brain fog, and other, more technical terms.

The brain/mind is such a complex, all-encompassing thing that it’s not always easy to come up with words to describe the situation when things are not right.

But intuitively we humans know when someone’s not “right in the head”, whether it’s ourselves or others.

Be Brain Fit exists to help people who find themselves in the position where mentally, they’re not quite what they once were, and they want to get back to that.

They want to ensure that their future will be as good as they dream it will be. 

What can be done to be mentally sharp for life?

Are there practical, specific steps that you and I can take to stop mental aging, be mentally sharp for life, and avoid diseases like Alzheimer’s?


That’s because how we live our lives — our lifestyle habits, health risk factors, the environments we place ourselves in, and much more — has by far the biggest influence on the impact of aging on the brain AND its ability to work well.

That means that habits like diet, exercise (both physical and mental), sleep, and stress management have a HUGE impact on our brain’s health and fitness.

Making the right changes in just one of these areas can yield great benefits.

And that’s how all of us can be sharp for life.

(If you’re thinking genetics is a big factor in brain and mental aging … well, it’s not. Even for the most feared degenerative brain disease — Alzheimer’s — only 1-3% of cases are genetically determined.) 

Is your mind aging well?

Here’s a good way to think about aging and your brain. 

Aging is fluid. Everyone does not age at the same rate.

You know this instinctively. You can tell when someone has not aged well.

And that’s what happens with your brain too.

If your mind is not aging well, you know. You know something is not right.

Our advice?

Don’t ignore the signs — memory loss, brain fog, poor focus, and the other signs of mental aging.

You can stop these problems.

We’ll tell you all about the solutions we find. And it’s not hard, time-consuming or expensive. 

All you have to do is do them.

Your brain is designed to be sharp for life … you just need to treat it right.

*NOTE: If you think you are experiencing serious cognitive issues, or people you know well express concern over your mental condition, see your health care professional now.

Who we are

We’re Deane Alban and Dr. Pat Alban, and together we are responsible for everything connected with Be Brain Fit. 

With both of us around 60 years old, we’ve had a few cognitive issues ourselves and have successfully taken the same advice we give you.

We also have more than 40 years of combined experience in health and wellness. 

deane alban

Deane Alban

patrick alban

Dr. Pat Alban

Pat is a retired chiropractor. Healthy lifestyle habits, a core concept of Be Brain Fit, were part of every treatment plan for his patients.

Deane is a health researcher, author and teacher. She has written and taught on a wide variety of natural health topics, including teaching healthy cooking classes to help people overcome serious illness.

Through Be Brain Fit, we have the opportunity to help millions of adults worldwide make specific lifestyle changes to stop mental aging and be sharp for life.

We are grateful for the chance to help you!

Deane Alban
Dr. Pat Alban