About Us

Welcome to Be Brain Fit! Our website is a consumer resource for information about brain health and fitness based on the best available scientific research.

By educating yourself, you’ll make better health decisions and improve your chances of staying mentally sharp, productive and positive throughout your life.

Why Be Brain Fit?

With an aging population in many countries, and an explosive rise in the number of people dealing with mental and cognitive disorders in the last generation, brain health is now a hot topic. 

Recent research in many health sciences has made it clear just how sensitive the brain is to our overall health and, more precisely, our lifestyle habits.

But, if you’ve tried to find solid advice about things you can do to improve your mental and cognitive issues, you’ve probably found that there is both a lack of good information and a good amount of contradictory information available.

It’s confusing. (When the “truth” is vague, everyone can be right.)

We don’t claim to know the absolute truth about brain health and fitness. We simply study the scientific research available, looking for unbiased, objective findings.

There are always differences of opinion and “fact.” We sort these out and present the results to you, clearly and simply.

The result? You get practical steps — not just theory — that you can act on today to start improving your brain health tomorrow.

Who Is Be Brain Fit?

Be Brain Fit is the creation of Deane Alban and Dr. Pat Alban. We have more than 40 years of combined experience in health and wellness.

But it was our own struggles with midlife mental decline that led us to start this website. When we got fed up with our growing forgetfulness, brain fog and generally declining mental performance, we started to research what could be done. 

We quickly realized that it was not easy to find answers that we had any confidence in. We discovered that there were many others (not just middle-aged folks like us) that were in the same boat.

That’s when we decided to share the information we found through Be Brain Fit.

Deane Alban, BA, Biology

Deane AlbanDeane is a health researcher, author and teacher. She has written and taught on a wide variety of natural health topics, including teaching healthy cooking classes to help people overcome serious illness.

Deane is the researcher, writer and content manager for almost all that you see — the website, social media, emails, you name it. Her clear and personable style makes her work a pleasure to read (and helpful).

Patrick Alban, DC

Dr. Pat AlbanPat is a retired chiropractor. After trying his hand at a number of alternative careers, Be Brain Fit has allowed Pat to return to his biggest passion — wellness.

Now, more than ever, he appreciates how important it is to have good physical and mental health. And he’s glad to be back helping others be healthier and happier. 

Pat is the editor, tech and marketing manager (trying anyway), and idea guy (occasionally).

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