woman sitting lost in thought

How Inositol Benefits These 6 Mental Health Conditions

Inositol is a nutrient that is a vital cofactor for the brain’s major neurotransmitters. Learn how inositol supplements benefit many mental health issues. Inositol is a mood-enhancing nutrient that doesn’t get the attention it […]

woman practicing mindfulness meditation

Using Mindfulness Meditation to Overcome Anxiety

Mindfulness meditation not only helps anxiety and stress, but actually changes the structure and function of the brain to make it healthier and work better. It’s in our nature to worry. Being […]

the mind's eye

Guided Imagery: Train Your Mind to Relax and Focus

Guided imagery is a mental technique that uses the power of imagination to bring about positive changes such as relaxation and better focus and performance. Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is the most […]

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How Adaptogenic Herbs Reduce Cortisol and Stress

Adaptogenic herbs simultaneously calm AND energize. Their unique abilities help counteract stress and improve mood, mental clarity and physical stamina. It’s no secret that stress can make you sick and profoundly impact your […]

essential oils

All About Essential Oils for Anxiety Relief

Essential oils as used in aromatherapy are an effective, side effect-free way to treat anxiety. Learn how to use them to reduce stress and depression too. Essential oils may bring to mind […]